When can your car be used as a security for a loan?

It is not well known in the United Kingdom that it is very much possible to use your vehicle as security for a loan. Logbook loans are not at the top of the lists when people consider taking out loans in the United Kingdom. Payday loans, bank loans, unsecured loans and home loans have always remained on the front along with the use of credit cards when people fall short of money to take care of their emergency expenses. Logbook loans are slowly gaining in popularity as people have started to realise that they have an asset at home in the form of their car that they can safely borrow money against.

When can your vehicle be used as a security to borrow cash?

  • Your car should not have any finance against it – One of the most important criteria for the logbook loan is that you have to be the owner of the car on an outright basis and that your vehicle should not have any finance against it. One of the functions of a logbook loan is that you can have money against the pledge of your vehicle that is otherwise attached elsewhere. It is possible that you can borrow up to seventy per cent of the market value of your vehicle. The more market value you will get for your car should you sell it, the more money you will be able to borrow against it.
  • Mostly, logbook loans are taken out by people who are owners of standard cars and who are seeking to borrow cash as they need urgent finance to meet emergencies. The minimum amount of the loan offered by logbook loan dealers is £500.
  • If you own a high value prestige car or a classic or vintage vehicle, you can very well use it to borrow money. Investors in these kinds of cars occasionally find that they need to free up a little money and a loan against these cars is a smart way to go about it. These kinds of cars can be used as a large outlay.
  • You have to be the owner of the vehicle as per the V5 document – Your name has to be on the V5 document or the log book of your car. You will not be able to borrow money against a vehicle that you do not own. You will also not be allowed to make applications on a joint basis. You can apply only as an owner of the vehicle for the logbook loan.
  • The car will not be eligible for a logbook loan as a security if its taxes are not paid up in full or if it does not have a MOT (Ministry of Transport Test) carried out.
  • The car has to be roadworthy and should be in proper functioning order so that it is fit to be driven on the roads in the United Kingdom.

What happens if you are not in a position to repay the logbook loan amount in time?

It is best for the borrowers to discuss the problem with their lenders when they find out that they are not in a position to repay the loan amount within the contracted loan period. Many times, the borrowers feel that the primary directive of logbook lenders is to recover their cars after defaulting. This is not always the case. Borrowers do not realise that the entire process of recovering their car is a costly and a complex affair for the lenders. The lender needs to engage recovery companies of a third party nature and auctioneers to sell your car. Even when the car is sold, it is not guaranteed for them that the sale will raise the balance amount that has not been repaid by you. This could lead to lawsuits in trying to follow you for the balance loan amount. As a result of this, many lenders are more than willing to negotiate when borrowers have non-payment issues. It is better to talk to the lenders and review your financial situation as many of them will allow you reprieve for some months to recover the balance loan amount with a little penalty attached to such adjustments.

How International Students Can Apply For Loans In The UK

Student20Loan20blog20imageMany articles talking about student loans in the UK usually focus on indigenous students. There are hundreds of foreign students coming into the UK from all parts of the world each year, and many of them, especially those from Third World countries need these student loans more than the domestic students. This post focuses on those international students and details how to access loans in the UK, and the processes involved.

European Union International Students

EU students are typically eligible to obtain loans to take care of their tuition fees. This applies to both the full time and the part time undergraduate students. In some cases and depending on some factors such as the location of the institution and the duration or kind of course being studied, the students may also be eligible to access maintenance grants and other loans to offset living costs and bills. EU international students to the UK may get grants added to their loan if it is proven that they are from low income homes, disabled or have children. More information can be found by following this link: http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/EducationAndLearning/UniversityAndHigherEducation/StudentFinance/StudentsFromOtherEUCountries/DG_065322

It is unclear at this time whether the exit of the UK from the EU will affect this arrangement in future.

Non-European Union Students

Students who come from other countries outside the European Union (especially Asia and Africa) have a more tricky issue with accessing student loans from banks in the UK. According to literature from the United Kingdom Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA), the student needs to have spent up to 3 years in the UK prior to the admission in order to qualify for the loan, amongst other eligibility clauses. For more info, follow this link: http://www.ukcisa.org.uk/

International Bodies

While it may seem very difficult for non-EU students to apply for loans in the UK, it is not impossible however. Certain international bodies exist to facilitate this process and make it easier for international students to gain access to these loans. A typical example is IEFA which partners with various banks around the world and the UK to make loans easily accessible for international students. Non-EU students are advised to search for other such organizations and compare offers for the best.

Not qualifying for a student loan should not be the end of the world for an international student. The objective is to study hard and excel, there is always an opportunity to apply for a grant. Grants are more beneficial than loans in that they do not have to be repaid. A student who lost out on a loan application can gain by a grant. Also, managing to qualify for a loan should not be translated to an opportunity to laze about for the student. Banks in the UK are concerned about deriving profit for the investment (loan) in the student and often conduct reviews of their accounts. Performing unfavourably in such a review can mar the chances of such a student retaining their loan.

Tips to avail personal loan for your financial difficulties

Personal loan is an appropriate way out to fight your financial difficulties. If you are in need, it cannot be guaranteed that someone will be able to help you out with some immediate financial help. In such situations Myloan.com comes forward to help you out with immediate effect. The loan will be processed at a rapid speed and you will receive amount just at the bright time before the need is over. At least in case of the bank loan applications, generally people lose hope till the approval process takes place. Also it is so complicated that people find it better to manage their problem without this loan.

Though this website is an easiest platform for people to avail personal loan, however, there are some points which must be kept in mind before availing this opportunity. This article aims at giving some tips to make this process much easier and end up our financial difficulties.

•When you think about a personal loan, first you must conduct an analysis of your income against your expenditure. The first thing you need to know is that after taking out the expenditures from the income, how much money can be spared. If there is less possibility of sparing out the money, one should not opt for the loan.

•Using the calculator should not be done in a hurry. Insert the combination only after calculating tentative amount of installment.

•Choosing a longer term results into a smaller amount as installment; this way repayment becomes much easier as compared to a smaller term with a higher amount. Don’t take a risk in case of a doubt.

•Provide correct and complete information to your lender, don’t hide or falsely report any facts to the company.    

•Before applying for the loan the borrower must discuss about the APR to be applied on the loan. Myloan offers the most affordable rates for the loan, however different lenders may offer a little different APR depending of the situation. The client must understand the terms and conditions related to APR before finalizing the loan terms.

• If you have a problem in loan repayment, you should immediately inform the lender before he finds it out. If you inform them on time, they will find a way to settle this situation.

• Two or more loans at the same time can create trouble in repayment; try to avoid these kinds of decisions. It is very important that the clients take a sensible decision for taking loan according to payment capacity.

Personal loan is a sensible solution for financial difficulties if taken by an individual considering all important aspects of this option. In case of personal emergency, a calculated amount just according to the need should only be availed, so the loan does not push the person into another bigger crisis. An appropriate loan amount with a suitable installment solution can be a real solution in such situations. Reliability of the above recommended company makes it even more ease for the borrower.

Top Benefits of Bad Credit Loans which Makes them Attractive

Today, a credit report is an important document in the life of any individual.  It is scrutinized by every financial institution before one is advanced credit, homeowners check it before a tenant rents his house and employers look at it before hiring an employee. This is why it is advisable for everyone to conduct his/her financial life in a proper manner so that you have a good or perfect credit rating.    Nonetheless, there are some financial difficulties that can strain your finances and thus lead to ruining your credit rating by tagging them as poor credit risks.  The people bearing such tags are not considered reliable by most lenders, landlords or employers as it reflects poorly on the individual’s previous financial shortcomings. For these poor creditors, Credit Poor Loans is just a ray of light that help them in changing the perspective of other people and demonstrate their financial stability once more

Summary Description of the Services they offer

As the name suggests, these financial aids are intended for holders of a bad credit rating who have not been able to secure a traditional loan due to their poor past records. Such lenders enable almost any type of tarnished record holders to acquire the cash needed for a short duration in accordance to his ability to making payments. The risk of extending cash to holders of poor records is high, hence the reason why high interest rates are charged to the borrower. However, there are still a few lenders who extend cash at reasonable rates. It is therefore wise to check the deal terms and match them with your ability to afford the payments.

Benefits of Loan for Bad Credit

  • They assist without reference to one’s credit score:

One of the major advantages of these types of loans is that they can be accessed by anybody with a bad credit rating regardless of his credit score. Lenders of such monies allow nearly every applicant to secure these finances without embarrassment due to their records such as arrears, CCJ, foreclosure, bankruptcy or insolvency. Anybody is free to enjoy all types of finances.

  • Ease of financial support in overcoming difficult Life Phases:

This type of financial support assists seekers of loans to acquire an amount in a bid to overcome financial difficulties without having to worry about disclosing their requirements to anybody. Lenders extend freedom to the applicants of loans to access these types of loans without having to disclose its purpose and subjecting them to hectic and lengthy formalities in the process.

  • Offer money as per their needs and General Applicant’s situation

Bad credit loans can be short term, unsecured or secured types of loans. This means that money seekers may obtain the cash in whatever method meets his requirements and general condition. Individuals are free to check the deals and pick the one that meets his needs for the given situation.  The applicant’s condition is also checked by the lenders in a bid to ensure that he is receiving the best services in accordance to his situation.

Home Sweat home; thanks to logbook loan

logloan.co.uk has an excellent service and have a proven track record as well. There are many people who have got the benefit from this exclusive loan service. Unlike other crisis loans, logbook loans are more favorite because they are inconspicuous loans. The reason is that no one knows that you have taken the loan as you don’t have to take any salary certificate from the employer or any bank statement as well.

I am amongst those people who have availed the benefit of logbook loan and it has proven to be my best decision ever. I was working in a reputed organization from number of years and at some point of time I decided to buy my own home.  I have a family of 4 people and as my children were growing, it was getting difficult to manage the educational expenses. At one point of time, we decided to save some money so that we can buy our own home. We both were working and our children were studying only. We tried to approach the banks but it was very complex as I have to present the NOC and the salary certificate as well. I spoke to my manager and he said that I need to sign a two year contract then only I can avail this loan.

That was a strange condition; since I was looking for better prospects and didn’t want to bind myself with this condition. I decided that I will forget this loan from the bank and decided to opt for some alternative. Well you might be thinking why my wife didn’t apply for loan. The reason is simple; she joined three months ago and company doesn’t allow any employee to avail loan until they complete their probation period.

I checked with many of my friends and they recommended me to apply for logbook loan as it works on confidently and you don’t need to present unnecessary documents as well. I called them and checked with them about the details. They informed me that I am eligible since I am above 18 and a UK citizen as well. I have a vehicle that is registered against my name and doesn’t have any finances associated with that.

Next day they checked my V 5 card, which is the log book. After the evaluation and trusting of my car they calculated the worth and informed me that I can get the loan in a day or so. Both of us were happy that my employer was not aware and I am wholly solely responsible for that. They also informed us that we need to repay the installments on the due date as the delay can cause the towing as well. We managed to pay the payments on due time and successfully paid all the amount. Logbook loan has enable to have a home for us and we have saved a huge amount by paying the monthly rentals. Now we have got the ownership of our vehicle as well, as we have paid off the loan.

All you needed to know about individual voluntary agreements

It has been observed that the financial condition of UK has continued to be perilous and it has become really common among the people to find themselves deep down in debt. The IVA process is a solution by which an individual can find significant solution for keeping the creditors at bay. In this article we are going to look at the common features offered by IVA as well as the benefits and risks that might be involved in the process.

Now, firstly, we need to know is what actually an IVA is. This has become an increasingly popular way of addressing the unsecured debts. This process can be a complete and consolidated debt solution for those who are having a substantial level of debt which amounts to £10,000 or more.

The IVA helps an individual for making an arrangement along with the people and company that owes money to enable a legally binding settlement. Any other payments of the individual are completely closed and one affordable monthly payment is scheduled for the individual which is paid throughout the agreed period. The time span is mostly for five years and after that period of time, any other outstanding debts will be cleared. This will provide the individual the freedom to start a completely new financially burden-free life after clearing off the debts.

The monthly repayments can be as low as £125, which is mostly less than the minimum payments that are made on the loans or credit cards. The total costs for setting up the IVA and the fee for the insolvency practitioner will be completely included within the single monthly payments that are provided by the debtors to the creditors.

Now, we need to know how the overall process of individual voluntary agreement works. According to www.ivaplan.co.uk, the first step of any IVA involves the preparation of a proposal and it needs to be accepted by the creditors. In this stage, depending on the assessment of the individual’s present financial condition, the insolvency practitioner will offer the terms and regulations of the complete agreement. The insolvency practitioner will then request a meeting along with the creditors for putting forward the proposal and negotiating the agreement on behalf of the debtor.

After that a vote will take place. If more than 75% of the overall creditors agree to the rules and regulations of the agreement, then it will be informed by the insolvency practitioner to the court regarding the acceptance and the arrangement will be made legally binding. Now, a major relief for the debtors is that the creditors will not be able to make any enforcing actions against you until the debt arrangement period is complete. If the voting process fails or the creditors are not agreeing to the regulations then the insolvency practitioner will request for another meeting after renegotiation with the creditors. Once again there will be a vote in place and if more than 75% of the creditors agree to the terms, the agreement will be made legally binding. Talk to a financial advisor to find out more.

Guarantor loan for the UK residents

If you have a bad credit record or don’t have any credit history at all, getting a normal loan can be difficult for you. You might either not get a loan at all or end up paying higher interest rates than is necessary – which could worsen your credit score or even put you into major debts. So this is why a new type of loan has been introduced in the UK, called the guarantor loan. In this type of loan, since you don’t have a credit history, you have to get a third party with a strong credit record to act as your guarantor.

So what exactly are these guarantor loans?

Guarantor loans are basically unsecured loans which will require you to take the help of a third person to act as your guarantor. These loans can have any term between 1 to 5 years which means that it will depend upon you as to how fast you can get rid of this debt. You can calculate your exact amount and interest rates at guarantorlender.

You can borrow these loans anywhere between 1000 to 7500 pounds and some lenders also give loans of 500 pounds. These loans are provided to people who are unable to get loans from the institutionalized banks. Guarantor loans are very much unlike the regular payday loan which is why you will have a lot less interest rates than the payday loans here. Also, there are no arrangement fees and there are no charges upfront. So these are by far the most flexible ways of getting a loan and repaying them.

Okay, but will it be a right one for me?

Yes, this question is bound to come and it should, because each person has different ranges of income. If you have a credit history where you have been rejected by other lenders, then a guarantor loan might work for you. This is because these types of loans usually have a lower interest rate. Also, finding a guarantor is not an issue because more often, the spouses or the close relatives act as a guarantor. You only have to give them the estimates, which you can do via the online loan calculator.

These loans also help you to create a credit history in the first place. So if you don’t have a credit history, these will help you to have one. So that’s great news for the first-time loan takers.

Who can act as a guarantor?

Even though some institutions need your guarantors to be over 18, it is usually asked that the guarantor be over 21 years and not more than 75 year of age. They also have to have a good credit history and they have to own a home in the UK – because their home will be mortgaged. Your guarantor will be checked like a regular credit check – they have to provide their bank statements, ID proofs and their bank details of course to be approved for it.

Things to know about the logbook loans in the UK

Logbook actually means in simple terms, a registration certificate which is issued by the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency within UK. The logbook certificate is valid for 5 years and it contains the complete entries of the vehicle, owner of the vehicle, registration date, registered keeper of the logbook, the engine number, model, color and also the chassis number. We bet you know various regulations regarding borrowing loans; but did you know that the citizens of UK are also allowed logbook loans? Yes, it is a fact that you shall be allowed for a logbook loan with your car as collateral.

This can be said to be a personal loan that can be secured against a car. A resident of UK who has got a logbook registered in his/her name can be said to be completely eligible for the logbook loans. In exchange, the lenders will be required to keep the logbook of the borrowers along with them until the debt is not paid off completely. But one advantage is, the borrowers will be allowed to enjoy the full freedom of the car and the lender cannot impose any restrictions on the borrower. But there are certain criteria that need to be fulfilled for a logbook loan which are stated as follows–

  • Firstly for logbook loan eligibility, the logbook must be in the name of the borrower.
  • The next factor is the vehicle against which the logbook loan is being taken, must be less than 8 years old.
  • The borrower, who claims for the loan, must be in a full-time employment and it needs to be made sure that he/she has a regular source of income and the income must be given as proof.
  • The vehicle against which the logbook loans are being provided must be clear of any finances and there must not be any due payments for the vehicle.
  • The vehicle needs to taxed and insured. This is because the lender will always want to be on the safer side and thus, it is required to be insured.

For the lenders in UK, an important factor is the credit score while lending money to borrowers. But the best part of this logbook loan is, the credit check will not be taken into account. So it does not matter what the credit ratings are. You shall be provided with the logbook loan if you can meet the above mentioned criteria. For certain scenarios, people who have faced situations like bankruptcy, or CCJ’s can also apply for the loan.

The logbook loans can be applied from the banks and any other financial institutions. But if you are in a hurry or emergency and looking for options to get fast logbook loans then you can also opt for the online lenders. The online loans are convenient because it saves much time and money. With the help of the internet, the borrower will be able to access a huge database of online logbook lenders. The process of applying a logbook loan is very swift and the lending websites offer an online application which needs to be filled up with the personal details of the borrower: like the name, amount of the loan required, address, and also other personal details. These details will be beneficial for the borrower because it will help him/her to opt for the most appropriate loan.

While looking for the online lenders, you shall be able to observe a lot of lenders who are willing to offer loans, but it will be better not to be overwhelmed by the offers that are present there. You need to do a bit of research, especially if you are taking up an online loan from an unknown agency. So make sure that the company is secured or registered, so that you can get the right loan in a legal manner. You can also collect different loan quotes from the different lenders available online which are free or take a very nominal charge for the quotes. Then you need to compare them for finding the best and cheap logbook loan. If you are having any questions or queries regarding the logbook loans, you can visit logbookcalculator online.

You deserve to be praised- logloan.co.uk Thank you

I always heard that loan rips you off with the high interest rate and incur the great complexity for repaying the amount. I was also of the opinion that rather than taking a loan, it is good to sell some of your precious item, and couple of time I did so as well. You must be wondering why I am talking about loans, if I am not into loans at all. Well I came across with very good option of logbook loan, and I want to share my experience so that everyone can get benefit from this. This is a marvelous, the quickest and the easiest way of getting loan. Loan procedures are always stressful and complex but that was not the case with logloan.co.uk.

My story is very simple; yet it was the most crucial moment. I am a mother of 4 children and all of them are into their academics.  My elder son passed his A level; that was the moment of pride, now it was the time for him to enroll in university. As a matter of fact we all were very happy; not to forget I am a middle class working lady. Anyways when he got an admission we didn’t realize that we have to submit a huge amount of tuition fee as well. When we got to know that is huge amount, I got into trouble as I already took loan from my office and now there was no option other than approaching my bank. I applied for the loan against my salary account and with the hope that I will get this, we waited for 10 days. But in short nothing happened and the loan got disapproved as of bad credit history and the lesser salary. I was in great depression because for me, the career and education of my children is important than anything.

On the same day, my uncle visited us and I discussed with him the same issue. I am very egoist person and don’t want to take money from anyone. So I requested him, if he can ask someone to give me a way-out for taking loan and then he told me about logloan.co.uk. I instantly contacted them and checked with them about the loan. Luckily, my car was on great value and there were no finances associated to that. I understood all the procedure and their representative booked my vehicle for inspection on the same day. I took the vehicle and checked the value with the local vendor. After that process, we agreed on certain terms and condition along with the repayment. My loan was for 12 months and that was direct debit as well. Yet information they told me that in case on nonpayment I will be the suffering party, so need to be consistent in the payment. I understood the whole process and would love to mention that team was very supportive and courteous. I signed the bill of sale against my log book and got the money instantly. I paid my son’s tuition fee on next day and happy enough that he is about to graduate now and working with an esteem organization as well. We sorted out our payments within the due time and got back the car registration within 5 days of final payment.

I would really like to thank logloan.co.uk for their support, guidance and quick response; which really helped me for my child’s education and I m pleased to share that now he is earning a handsome amount.