Home Sweat home; thanks to logbook loan

logloan.co.uk has an excellent service and have a proven track record as well. There are many people who have got the benefit from this exclusive loan service. Unlike other crisis loans, logbook loans are more favorite because they are inconspicuous loans. The reason is that no one knows that you have taken the loan as you don’t have to take any salary certificate from the employer or any bank statement as well.

I am amongst those people who have availed the benefit of logbook loan and it has proven to be my best decision ever. I was working in a reputed organization from number of years and at some point of time I decided to buy my own home.  I have a family of 4 people and as my children were growing, it was getting difficult to manage the educational expenses. At one point of time, we decided to save some money so that we can buy our own home. We both were working and our children were studying only. We tried to approach the banks but it was very complex as I have to present the NOC and the salary certificate as well. I spoke to my manager and he said that I need to sign a two year contract then only I can avail this loan.

That was a strange condition; since I was looking for better prospects and didn’t want to bind myself with this condition. I decided that I will forget this loan from the bank and decided to opt for some alternative. Well you might be thinking why my wife didn’t apply for loan. The reason is simple; she joined three months ago and company doesn’t allow any employee to avail loan until they complete their probation period.

I checked with many of my friends and they recommended me to apply for logbook loan as it works on confidently and you don’t need to present unnecessary documents as well. I called them and checked with them about the details. They informed me that I am eligible since I am above 18 and a UK citizen as well. I have a vehicle that is registered against my name and doesn’t have any finances associated with that.

Next day they checked my V 5 card, which is the log book. After the evaluation and trusting of my car they calculated the worth and informed me that I can get the loan in a day or so. Both of us were happy that my employer was not aware and I am wholly solely responsible for that. They also informed us that we need to repay the installments on the due date as the delay can cause the towing as well. We managed to pay the payments on due time and successfully paid all the amount. Logbook loan has enable to have a home for us and we have saved a huge amount by paying the monthly rentals. Now we have got the ownership of our vehicle as well, as we have paid off the loan.