You deserve to be praised- Thank you

I always heard that loan rips you off with the high interest rate and incur the great complexity for repaying the amount. I was also of the opinion that rather than taking a loan, it is good to sell some of your precious item, and couple of time I did so as well. You must be wondering why I am talking about loans, if I am not into loans at all. Well I came across with very good option of logbook loan, and I want to share my experience so that everyone can get benefit from this. This is a marvelous, the quickest and the easiest way of getting loan. Loan procedures are always stressful and complex but that was not the case with

My story is very simple; yet it was the most crucial moment. I am a mother of 4 children and all of them are into their academics.  My elder son passed his A level; that was the moment of pride, now it was the time for him to enroll in university. As a matter of fact we all were very happy; not to forget I am a middle class working lady. Anyways when he got an admission we didn’t realize that we have to submit a huge amount of tuition fee as well. When we got to know that is huge amount, I got into trouble as I already took loan from my office and now there was no option other than approaching my bank. I applied for the loan against my salary account and with the hope that I will get this, we waited for 10 days. But in short nothing happened and the loan got disapproved as of bad credit history and the lesser salary. I was in great depression because for me, the career and education of my children is important than anything.

On the same day, my uncle visited us and I discussed with him the same issue. I am very egoist person and don’t want to take money from anyone. So I requested him, if he can ask someone to give me a way-out for taking loan and then he told me about I instantly contacted them and checked with them about the loan. Luckily, my car was on great value and there were no finances associated to that. I understood all the procedure and their representative booked my vehicle for inspection on the same day. I took the vehicle and checked the value with the local vendor. After that process, we agreed on certain terms and condition along with the repayment. My loan was for 12 months and that was direct debit as well. Yet information they told me that in case on nonpayment I will be the suffering party, so need to be consistent in the payment. I understood the whole process and would love to mention that team was very supportive and courteous. I signed the bill of sale against my log book and got the money instantly. I paid my son’s tuition fee on next day and happy enough that he is about to graduate now and working with an esteem organization as well. We sorted out our payments within the due time and got back the car registration within 5 days of final payment.

I would really like to thank for their support, guidance and quick response; which really helped me for my child’s education and I m pleased to share that now he is earning a handsome amount.